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Cement production factory on mining quarry. Conveyor belt of heavy machinery loads stones and gravel


IGS’s core strength rest in our ability to supply energy efficient, high quality vibratory mining equipment to solve the toughest of process problems. IGS has a great track record of mining equipment manufacturing and supply. We at IGS stand behind all our vibrating mining equipment, with unmatched after-sales service and support throughout our global network.
The mining industry has made great strides in extracting deposits and removing desired material from waste. Mining equipment is more efficient now because it saves energy and reduces the amount of harmful chemicals needed to extract desired material from its surroundings. Heavy duty weather resistant equipment is still vital in the mining industry in the extraction, transportation, and processing of minerals.
We supply innovative mining equipment with more compact and is able to process material efficiently, increasing the mining company’s ability to invest in superior machinery without breaking the budget.

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