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IGS is a global leader in the supply of locomotive parts and equipments. We offer an in-house repair and refurbishment program ensuring that reconditioned equipment is repaired to O.E.M specifications and standards. We carry an extensive inventory ensuring that our customers’ needs are met at all times. Our field service team of qualified technicians for the rail industry are able to assist with servicing, load testing and certification, inspections, repairs and general maintenance of all equipment on-site.
IGS specializes in EMD, GE and ALCO engine components. We provide the highest quality parts and engineering services for the short line, remanufacturing, and OEM sector customers around the world.

GE Locomotive
With more than 15,000 General Electric (GE) locomotive engines in service around the world, IGS is pleased to offer an array of aftermarket engine components for the GE 7FDL series.

ALCO Locomotive
Although the American Locomotive Company closed its doors nearly 50 years ago, their diesel-electric engines are still used around the world. IGS currently offers engine components for the ALCO 251 series.

GM-EMD Locomotive
EMD, General Motor’s Electro-Motive Diesel Division offers an extensive range of locomotive products in the rail industry. IGS locomotive currently services a wide range of EMD diesel engines including the 645, 567, and 710 series.


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